New Dental Patient Information – Nepean, ON

Creating Positive, Memorable Dental Experiences

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We understand that for many people, going to the dentist often feels like a chore, and we want to change that. Dr. Bal and our team at the Nepean Dental Centre are passionate about creating positive and enjoyable experiences, whether you visit us for a simple dental checkup and teeth cleaning or emergency dentistry, your comfort is always a top priority. For your convenience, we’ve included some important information for our new dental patients below, and if you have any questions or need help accessing any links on this page, please reach out to our Nepean dental office.

Your First Visit

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As soon as you enter our dental practice doors, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team and offered a complimentary refreshment. Once you’ve completed our new patient forms, we’ll give you a short tour of our practice and guide you back to your treatment room. One of our dental hygienists will capture X-rays of your mouth and scans of your teeth before completing a professional cleaning. Then, Dr. Bal will examine your mouth and X-rays, and if he spots any signs of oral health problems, he’ll provide you with a treatment plan and answer any questions you may have.

Patient Forms

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To help save you some time and streamline your first appointment with us, we’ve included downloadable copies of our new patient forms below. Please print them and bring them to your appointment filled out. From there, our team can input your information into our system and start your experience right away!


Dental Insurance

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Our team is happy to accept and file claims for all dental insurance plans to help our patients get the most out of their coverage. We’ll handle all of the paperwork, any required follow-ups or correspondence with your provider, and do what we can to help you save. For any questions about our dental insurance policy, please contact our office.

Affordable Financing Options

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If you’re uninsured, we work with DentalCard Financing so you can apply for low- to no-interest monthly payment plans that may be easier to fit into your budget. You can click on the link below to find a plan that works for you and apply.


Student Discount Program

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We understand how difficult it can be as a student to find the time and money to take care of your smile, which is why we offer a Student Discount Program. You’ll receive up to a 20% discount on any preventive treatments you receive and won’t have to put off caring for your dental health until you have an emergency situation on your hands. Our Student Discount Program helps minimize the already abundant stress you feel about your classes by allowing you to look after your smile more easily.